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Board Huruma MEVA Foundation

Anneke Lubbers and Ina Nieland have founded "Huruma MEVA". Together they went to Kenya to work as a volunteer in a children home in 2007. They visited slum areas, homes and other institutions. They were touched by the harrowing situation many people are in in Kenya. Inhumane living conditions like the struggle for a daily meal, lack of medical care and tiny corrugated sheeted huts containing complete families. So many children, each with their own story to tell, who cannot be taken care of and of which many come to live in a children home. A home where due to lack of financial means and facilities, living conditions can be called dreadful.

Back in the Netherlands Anneke and Ina joined forces with people in their living area, amongst which Harry Menninga and Gerrit Koops. In 2008, they set up a foundation called Huruma MEVA, which devotes time and effort in sharing wealth with the children in Africa on a daily basis.
The number of board members has increased to five with Marion Ottens, Esther Slob and Mirjam Koetsier in 2009. Their training at a University of Professional Education, specializing in nursing, brought them to Nigeria where they got involved with the NKST orphanage in Mkars.


The Huruma MEVA board exists of:

Wim van Oostende (president)
Hendri Veurink (secretary)
Anneke Lubbers (treasurer)
Esther Slob (general assistance)
Mirjam Koetsier (coordinator Nigeria)
Ina Nieland (coordinator Kenya)


The foundation is supported by many volunteers who are committed in time and effort to the work of Huruma MEVA, frequently or occasionally, from the Netherlands (and sometimes from Africa).


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