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Huruma MEVA supports projects in Africa, which help disadvantaged (orphaned) children. These children often have little chance of a good living. The children will be able to develop when we offer them the possibilities of housing, nourishment, education and medical care. This will give them chances in society. Chances for a better living.

The Huruma MEVA Foundation supports small-scale African organisations and projects, which are set up to give (orphan) children a chance of a better living. The local organisations and Huruma share responsibilities in this matter. The organisations in Kenya know the environment, the culture and the living there, and they are owner of a project, shelter or school. Huruma MEVA supports them financially, tangibly and mentally.

Huruma MEVA focuses on:

  1. The necessities of life, such as housing, nourishment, clothing and spiritual assistence.
  2. Medical care: doctors consults, medication, specific support for HIV-problems and hygiene education.
  3. Education: tuitions and all accompanying school supplies, and projects which contribute to the improvement of the quality of education.

Click here for the supported projects in Kenya or Nigeria.


Support Hurumu MEVA, become sponsor!

Huruma means 'grace' in Swahili. The letters MEVA represent 'Met Elkaar Voor Afrika', which means 'Together for Africa'. Together we - the people in the Netherlands and in Africa – can help the children in need.

All the work of the Huruma MEVA Foundation can only be done when there are sufficient financial aids. The foundations organizes various fund-raising activities. Do you want to help Huruma MEVA helping? Click here to donate or become sponsor of a child or project.

We are also looking for volunteers who want to contribute with their mind, hands and heart to the work of Huruma MEVA in the Netherlands and Africa. Read more about voluntary work.