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Below are the projects in Kenya that focus on education. For children in Kenya, a chance to a better future will increase by education. Their job opportunities will increase by getting a diploma. By gaining an income they will be able to support themselves and their families. Besides gaining knowledge we think it also important that children learn how to cope and maintain themselves in regard to Drugs, Crime, Abuse and Financial problems.

Sponsoring children in High schools

Children from the Childrens' homes, who have completed primary school, are financially supported by sponsors from Huruma MEVA to enter high school. Furthermore, children who live in the slums or fostered children who live in the streets – provided that they are highly motivated to study for a better future- will get a chance to go to high school. With the funding of this high school project Huruma-MEVA finances their school fees, a school uniform and transport. Also daily sustenance and a little pocket money are funded. The small amount of pocket money is to pay for extra school activities, extra clothing etc. This way, the children also learn how to carefully deal with money.

Besides, Huruma MEVA tries, by coaching and workshops, to teach the children how to make the right choices and how to take responsibility for their own actions. Basically, the children are being sponsored for the time they are in high school. High school is best compared to the Dutch secondary education although the children are boarded. During school period they live at boarding school. During the holiday the children are at the children's home or with family (if they have any) and friends. It is possible for children who excel at high school to receive a scholarship for university.

Boy's High School Kiambu West

For some years now, there has been close contact with the Boy's High School in Kiambu. This is because some of the sponsored boys are attending this school. On a regular basis, Huruma-MEVA has meetings with David Ngigi, who is the principal of Kiambu West, about various issues related to the upbringing and education of young people.

Wherever possible and with compassion, Huruma supports Kiambu West. This, because of the fact that this school has generously admitted some orphaned boys or boys whose parents weren't able to pay the school fees. In his opinion towards education, the principal strongly believes that children who have the intellectual abilities should be admitted whenever possible. This to offer them chances for a better future.

In order to optimize enrolment of new students, Huruma and the school had a few meetings at the beginning of 2011. These meetings were held to advise the school how to attract new students. The first reason was to educate more children so that they learn more than basic vocational skills. The second reason was to achieve more financial means which are necessary in order to keep the school functioning. In autumn of 2011 we received good news that it seems to be fruitful. More students than in previous years have enrolled for next school year.

Science Lab

In 2010, Greijdanus Hardenberg, a reformed school for secondary education, inhabited a brand new school building. Out of thankfulness of their own prosperity the teachers and students of Greijdanus wanted to achieve something for children from other parts of the world who weren't able to get education under such good conditions. Plans were made to organize a great fundraising for children in Kenya. Via Huruma-MEVA, children in Kenya could get better education. With this fundraising-marathon children raised money that was spent, amongst other projects, on a new science-lab for the school in Kiambu West. Quality of education has improved enormously because now students don't only just study the theory but they also get a chance to put theory into practice which is very important for their final exams.

Ordered and supervised by Huruma-MEVA, the new science classrooms were built last year. Obviously all this was done in close cooperation with the school. Students actually helped along during the holidays. Since spring 2011, boys at Kiambu West receive (natural) science, chemistry and biology lessons that are fully fledged.