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Medical care


Below are the projects in Kenya that focus on Health, HIV and medical care.

Sponsoring children with HIV

At the moment, Huruma MEVA supports 23 HIV-positive children. These children live in various orphanages. The children are in an HIV-Program. There is a nurse, whom Huruma MEVA has tight connections with, who sees to it that the children receive a monthly medical check-up from a team of doctors in a HIV-clinic in Nairobi. This is of major importance in order to intervene very quickly should there be changes in their health situation. In the clinic, the children get medication, extra attention and education about how to live with HIV. The nurse regularly visits the children in the orphanage they live in. She checks the children's' health and supplies extra nutrition like peanut butter, fruit and eggs. Because of the HIV-sponsoring program of Huruma MEVA, these medical check-ups, medications and the extra nutrition are possible.

Sanitary information and education

"It is better to prevent problems than trying to solve them when they appear. If everybody would eat healthy, keep themselves, their houses and the villages clean and have their children vaccinated, most diseases would stop even before they start" (quote from World health Organization)

Hygiene is of great importance to prevent many infections, like infections of intestines, skin and lungs. Hygiene and good sanitation are very important. Besides that, everybody needs good nutrition to be able to grow up, work hard and stay healthy. Many diseases arise from malnutrition. Over 800 million people worldwide don't have access to safe drinking water and approximately 2.5 billion people have to cope without basic sanitation as a toilet. Every year, because of these situations, 3.5 billion children die of diarrhea. Every year, sexually transmitted diseases spread with 448 million infections worldwide. Good information and education is most essential in order to fight these numbers. This is why Huruma MEVA gives sanitary information and education both to children and adults. By using cards, conversations, drama etcetera, the importance of proper hygiene in relation to a healthy lifestyle is tried to convey.

Huruma MEVA helps with the following health-education programs:

  • Hygiene

The main goal of the hygiene-project is to stimulate basic hygiene, thus reducing the odds of catching diseases or spreading them. The easiest way of spreading bacteria is by hand. That is the reason why we teach children how to wash their hands with water and soap. We also teach them when to wash their hands and why it is so important. Because of such lessons, children can simply improve their hygienic conditions. We also give "tooth brushing workshops" and teach them to make this a habit as well.

  • Alcohol, drugs and sexuality

In puberty, the children in Kenya easily get in contact with alcohol, drugs and sexuality and all the risks involved. The risks are hardly spoken of because of the taboo atmosphere surrounding these issues. We discuss these subjects with the youth in an interactive setting and we give them information about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and sex. We tell them about STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), HIV-AIDS, financial consequences, social problems and health-risks. We have found out that the youth is anxious to hear about these issues and that opening up the taboos by discussing them is very useful.

  • Nutrition

Eating healthy and nutrient-rich meals in the Netherlands is a matter of fact. But how will people in Kenya be able to eat healthy when the food is (too) expensive and choice is very limited? Huruma MEVA gives dietary advice about nutrients important to children. The result of this advice is that, despite the tight budgets, the cheapest fruit is regularly bought in the local market. Children with HIV or AIDS need these little extras to keep up the stamina. Also, extra protein (eggs or peanut butter) are very important for them.


Medical check up

Agreements have been made with the nurse, who takes care of the children infected with HIV, that she also examines the other children of the Christian Hands Orphanage and from Cara Girls Rescue Centre. Medical files have been compiled so the wellbeing of every child can be monitored. Whenever a child gets ill or has physical troubles, timely arrangements can be made to visit a doctor or hospital if necessary. During these examinations children will receive supplements and vitamins.