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The primary necessities of life


Written below are the projects in Kenya that focus on providing in primary necessities of life, such as food, clothing and housing.


Support of Christian Hands in Ongata Rongai

"Christian Hands" is a childrens' home in the hills of Ongata Rongai. It is situated 25 kilometers south of Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. Martha Green has started to give shelter to children who often live in the streets and whose parent or both its parents passed away. The children are given shelter, food and medical care. In addition, a school is searched for. Mama Green works with very limited resources, but accomplishes that the children are taken care of in a warm and caring environment.

The mission of the home: "Offer children in need possibilities to become productive people in society by means of education, medical care, shelter and love. These children are a gift of God and deserve the best. They are desperately in need of love and care since many have suffered a lot at an early age; furthermore support the children with education to give them a future."

A lot of progress can be made on the circumstances of the lives of children in homes in Kenya. Due to limited resources, this also applies to the children home Christian Hands. Huruma MEVA supports this home by supplying primary necessities of life, like food, clothing, a bed and a place to play. The given help is practical and is always in the best interest of the children. It helps to make the life of these wonderful children a little better.


Sponsoring children

Huruma MEVA supports the children of Christian Hands with an individual sponsor program as well. Sponsoring individual children creates a bond between sponsor and child, which is of surplus value to both. The child knows people care. Sponsors find it good to know whom they help. Moreover, sponsors like to send a letter to mean something to their sponsored child. The idea that someone in the Netherlands cares, helps, pays attention, and wants you to have a future....just the thought makes the children blossom.

Huruma MEVA is in search of a sponsor for every child in Christian Hands. The sponsoring lasts until children complete primary school and/or when the child leaves the home as a (young) adult to make his own living. On the other hand, many children try to increase their chances of a better life by going to high school, some other education or take part in a course after completing primary school. In that case, they get in the "highschool"-sponsor program.

Huruma MEVA makes the full amount of sponsor money available to Christian Hands. Martha Green can pay for (part of) the food, clothing, uniforms, school fees, transportation, rent, etc. The money gets spend on the entire home and not only for a specific child. All children in the home, including the children who are not sponsored, benefit of this way of sponsoring.


Solar Project

Reed about our solar project with lambs on solar cells.