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Nigeria is an African country situated between Benin and Cameroon. It has got a large oil delta in the south, which causes the conflicts in Nigeria we hear of through the news. Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. It consists of many various tribes and sections of the population. These groups cause turmoil regularly. Nigeria struggles with a lot of corruption. Furthermore, Nigeria is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Poverty and illness occur a lot amongst the population. Due to lack of money, large part of the population is struggling to support themselves, let alone their community. Orphans in Nigeria do have a gloomy perspective.

One of the largest population groups are the "Tiv". They live in the center of Nigeria and the tribe totals about three million people. A large reformed church amongst the Tiv is the "Nongu u Kristu ken Sudan hen Tiv', shortened to NKST. The Tiv church is active in society and, amongst other things, is responsible for an orphanage in Mkar.

Orphanage in Mkar


Huruma MEVA is connected with the Tiv church through three board members who reinforce the Foundation since two years. Marion Ottens, Esther Slob and Mirjam Koetsier, also called the Dutch Girls, graduated as higher educated nurses , are trained in Global Nursing in 2009. Global Nursing is a field of study in medical foreign aid. They got into contact with the orphanage in Mkar in Nigeria due to an internship in 2007. The living conditions there were poorly. Malnutrition and unhealthy circumstances were evident as well as shortcomings in the field of education and medical aid. Ever since their first visit, they felt intrinsically called for to help these orphans. With the help of prayer and a request on a weblog it appeared that many people were willing to support the large fundraiser campaign they initiated in order to support this home financially. It has become a project they are still engaged in until this day.

Mkar is a 5-hour drive away from the capital Abuja. The orphanage supported by the TIV community takes care of about 35 children, varying in the age between 0 and 6 years old. A group of volunteers, about 19 men and women from the area devoted to the children look after the children on a daily basis. These volunteers offer their help as nurses, childcare workers, cooks, maintenance mechanics, washerwomen and guards. The hygienic facilities in the home are depraved and in urgent need of improvements regarding housing, clothing, food and medical control.

Caring, raising and supporting orphans require a lot of knowledge and financial means. Connections with the Netherlands aim at activating and organizing the local population in order to improve the orphans' living conditions. To accomplish this Huruma MEVA together with NKST try to create plans of improvements. In recent years, the help of Huruma has resulted in renovating housing and new beds; a teacher has been contracted to improve education and some children have received medical care. Help is set in motion and Huruma MEVA plans to extend this to the children home. Currently, Huruma and TIV are exploring how to cooperate best, with the initial concept of NKST maintaining responsible. Huruma MEVA keeps the overview, advices and supports where needed.